About Us


American Motors Corporation’s ownership of Jeep is our main focus, and that era covers CJ series -5 -6 -7 -8 as well as the many Full Size Jeep (FSJ) models made during this time. Of key note to this site and to the discussion that has evolved on the Facebook group and to be documented here is that us AMC gurus don’t have the luxury of the records keeping that the “Big-Three” have.

AMC simply didn’t keep records of – for example – how many Laredo CJ-5s were made; or when the texture and supplier of the seat material changed; or when the stitching on a Laredo grab bar became tighter. Its examples and oddities like this, and part of a list that is growing to 100s more, that Project Survivor is for …

To document and discuss. To share your Survivor and your restoration progress and questions. This group of knowledge comes from people like you… Our collective experience over the years is many times all we have to go from, but being AMC, it means being a little different… and that’s ok with us!

The Vintage SUV market and all things old for that matter is hotter than ever. AMC Era Jeeps are no exception. Original and Well Preserved / Restored examples will always be at the top of the market, just like any classic car in demand. Jeeps were generally ridden hard and put away wet, more rust prone than most, and have a very narrow survival rate. Parts are not reproduced to the level that the “Big-Three” enjoy as well.

Appreciating New Old Stock parts, finding that barn find or true survivor AMC – Era Jeep or restoring one to a high level of originality is what Project Survivor is all about. Follow along as we cater to your AMC-Era Jeep Survivor Passion!